Jura Hartley is the founder and lead trial lawyer at J. Hartley Law. He moved to Los Angeles over 25 years ago where he got his undergraduate degree from UCLA and then graduated from Loyola Law School. He has lived all over the world and believes his experience interacting with people of many different backgrounds is the foundation that allows him to connect with anyone. It is a major reason he moved from representing corporations to representing people - something he is proud to do.

Jura currently lives in El Segundo with his wife Justina and their 2-year-old daughter Ellie. He loves to hike, prepare smoked and barbecued meats, and get up at the crack of dawn to go surfing. His family says he was born to be a lawyer - some say it’s because his name means “justice” and “law” in Latin… and others say it’s because he argued so much as a kid. Either way, he strives to live up to his namesake by promoting justice and upholding the laws that were created to help people.