Cheryl Schafffer

Having an amazing lawyer to represent me and fight for my case is what I experienced having Jura Hartley Attorney at Law in my corner. He does not settle for nonsense and handled my matter in an extremely professional manner. I was quite pleased with my final results. His professionalism and mannerism is complimented by his very proficient and awesome assistant.

Alejandra Thorpe

Jura has compassion for his clients, during challenging times. He will listen to you, give you solid legal advice, and will aggressively advocate for you. He’s also a great orator who will successfully argue for you. I highly recommend him.

Janet Vafaie, MD

Attorney Jura Hartley is hands down the best personal injury attorney in Los Angeles and all of Southern California. Years ago I was jogging and was hit by a car in a cross walk. I was in so much pain. My neck and lower back we’re damaged. Attorney Hartley not only was attentive but his deposition, letters and negotiating powers got me the compensation I deserved. I am not litigious, but as a business owner, Mr. Hartley has helped me deal with pretty much all of my legal needs( and I’ve had to hire him quite a few times!) Hands down I can’t think of a better lawyer. And I’ve worked w quite a few lawyers in my career . Thank you so much Jura ! I hope you know how talented you are and how grateful I am to have been your client !

Michael Schaffer

Jura Hartley is the hardest working most down to earth understanding attorney I have ever come across. I will always give him my business.

Veronica Manzo

Jura was honest about my case from the very beginning. He gave me a clear understanding of the process and made me feel comfortable as we went through different phases. I highly recommend Jura.

Esmeralda Guillen

Had a great experience with J. Hartley and his staff. Highly recommend him and his law office. Thank you! For all your work and dedication Jura.. you're greatly appreciated 😁

James Kringel

Had a greaJura has the experience and client interests that every attorney should have. He gets the job done!