Pedestrian Accidents

When we evaluate pedestrian accident cases, we use our expertise and experience to look at whether there are other responsible parties in addition to the driver of the vehicle.   For example, we recently helped a client who was hit by car while in the cross-walk of a busy street.  We took the time and effort to look beyond just holding the driver accountable,  and with the help of the right traffic engineering experts, we were able to establish the cross-walk itself was dangerous to pedestrians - and we successfully argued that the City was at fault too.  As a result, the City had to compensate our client for his injuries.  In addition to compensation for our client, the City recently changed the entire design of a the cross-walk and added a traffic light. We put in the hard work to make sure that you are compensated for your accident, but also work to make those accidents less likely in the future. While our client was compensated, this type of systemic change benefits the entire community.  A true win-win situation.